Massage Prices-2017

 Price               Session  Length
$35.00           30 Min.   (   1/2 Hr)  
  50.00           60 Min.   (      1 Hr)
  65.00           90 Min.   (1-1/2 Hr)
  75.00         120 Min.   (      2 Hr)
$ 1/Min.       Less than 30 Minutes
$ 1/Min.       Chair Massage 
Massage is priced by length of session.  At the beginning of your session we will discuss what your needs and concerns are.  Your session and the techniques I use will be personalized for you accordingly.  A variety of techniques can be used during the session for therapeutic outcome.
If you are not sure what length session you need, I can advise you after discussing your needs. 
Deep muscle work requires more time.  A shorter session would allow time to focus on areas of concern only.  If full body work is desired plus focus on areas of concern, generally a 1 1/2 to 2 hr session is suggested.