Payment Methods

1.  OFFICE LOCATION:   (1) Cash  (2)  Check  (3)  Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express.

     Gift certificates can be purchased on-site from any of our stylists or myself (if I am not in session) at Head Hunters Hair Salon, 1177 N. Main St., Monticello, IN when open.  If you are not able to visit our location to purchase during business hours, see purchase and print option below.

 2.  PURCHASE & PRINT GIFT CERTIFICATE thru this website.  Go to "Gift Certificates" page to place order and purchase with credit card.

 3. To submit a payment only through PayPal without ordering a gift certificate, just fill out the amount below and click 'Pay with Credit Card". You'll be taken to PayPal's Website, where you can complete the payment safely and securely wih PayPal account or credit card.

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