Spa Prices - 2017



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Massage/Facial Combo Package (1-1/2 Hr) - $70.00

1-Hour Swedish Massage plus 30-Min. Honey Health Facial (Both done during the same session)

Honey Health Facial  (30 Min.) - $40.00

Facial using organic honey & hot towel application.  Includes facial massage, cleansing, exfoliating scrub, toning, and revitilizing serum with natural products  (Softens skin.  Good for sinus congestion & stress)

Spa Gift Certficiates Available in Increments of $50, $100, $250

An open gift certificate for a dollar amount is a great gift.  It can be used toward any services at our facility---massage, nails, hair.  You don't have to make the decision as to what service to gift.  The recipient can decide what services they desire and when the recipient receives the service of their choice, the amount will be applied toward the value of the gift certficiate until it is completely used.

Aromatherapy Full Body Session (60 Min.) - $55.00

Very light aplication of oils.  Helps detoxify & calm or stimulate mind & body, depending on oils used. Oils penetrate body via skin & are also inhaled effecting brain thru limbic system, which controls major functions of body

Raindrop Aromatherapy Session (60 Min.) - $80.00

Very light application of 9 oils along spine & vita flex areas plus hot towel applicaiton to facilitate energy alignment, relieve stress, & restore balance throughout body. 

Foot Reflexology (30 Min.) - $35.00

Accupressure on the feet to relieve stress & tension throughout the body through reflex points.  Improves blood supply, opens blockages effecting muscle & nerves.

Hot Stone Therapy Session  (Conatraindications: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or blood-thinning medicines, pregnancy, sunburn, menopausal - can trigger hot flashes)

30-Min Session - $50.00

Placement of heated stones along specific accupressure or chakra points throughout body to achieve deep relaxation, open energetic pathways, restore circulation and balance the body

60-Min Session$80.00

Therapist places hot stones along spine and specific accupressure sites and massages the body with  hot stones to "iron out" muscle tension and achieve maximum relaxation.